With Power Comes Responsibility – an intuitive response to the Israel Folau saga.

So Israel Folau is it again.  Barely a year after his last homophobic outburst Folau has again hit Instagram with an appalling post anchored in his need to share his religious beliefs. ‘Christianity’ he calls it, but it’s as far from ‘love thy neighbour’ as I am from being an All Black. Why does he […]

PAPA Speak Out About the Auckland Pride Parade

https://gayexpress.co.nz/2018/11/papa-speak-out-about-auckland-pride-parade/?fbclid=IwAR0_FoxG7Kwamk3rQuOPI1VTB3KAIOCk7_6VFunCzDPT9b6OpFmWhMD6tOI I guess the sad part about Emmy’s articulate response is that the pro-police lobby won’t believe a word of it. Why? Because it doesn’t fit their narrative. What am I hearing from the pro-police team: PAPA is bad because they’re radicals whose politics is repugnant and they’re just dumb Maoris. The truth is they’re […]

We Wont Be Erased

https://www.vogue.co.uk/video/we-wont-be-erased?fbclid=IwAR2HSelpcH6IavPFIw8bS5BQzFV69VCCUuWlwYaJECR2AWZudFnOdkQlLzQ Nice. I watched and asked myself ‘why this is even a thing?’ It’s a thing because the other side of this coin is the hate directed at us by individuals, groups, churches and other institutions and the knowledge that the greater the power imbalance the greater the likelihood of violence against us, or the […]

‘Wāhine Kākano – the 1st New Zealand Young Women’s Festival’

‘Wāhine Kākano – the 1st New Zealand Young Women’s Festival’ On Saturday 26 May, 2018, Auckland University of Technology hosted 300+ young women leaders ranging in age from 16 to 22 attending ‘Wāhine Kākano – the 1st New Zealand Young Women’s Festival’. AUT was the venue sponsor and the entire event took place in the […]